A positive soundboard right from the outset, Saskia’s skills and experience, friendly advice and gentle encouragement guided me to look at things in a new/ honest light and helped give me renewed confidence to move from pipe dreams to tangible realisation…at a time when I felt like my career had stalled and I wasn’t sure what ‘the next step’ would be. Highly recommend!


Saskia focuses very well on issues or fears which you can have during a job interview. I enjoyed working with her, she is very professional. Now I know that people who interviewing are humans as well. I would recommend Saskia , you would learn what kind of mistakes you are making during a job interview.


“Before working with Saskia, I had lots of ideas, questions, half-made plans and also doubts regarding my future career path. What I really needed was to consult a wise, knowledgeable person who could act as a sounding board and also give me advice and insights. Talking with Saskia gave me much-needed clarity, helping me to see more clearly what my goals are and which steps would be the most useful for me to take in order to reach them. She’s a great listener and very perceptive, as well as offering lots of practical and usable tips. After the coaching session, I felt more enthused and energised about the changes I wanted to make. I would highly recommend Saskia to others. She will hold up a mirror to your hopes and wishes so that you can see what it is that you really want – and then she will encourage you to go out and make it happen.”


“I had doubts about my strengths and experience, I felt stuck in a rut and not positive about opportunities or my ability to change. Saskia made me feel comfortable, valued, listened to, and respected. Saskia was very encouraging and helped me to feel positive about myself and opportunities for change.

I followed up personality tests and quizzes – it is very key to know yourself and that is what I want to do.

Saskia helped me rewrite my CV and she encouraged me to get a job coach at work and followed up with me to see how I was doing.

I really appreciate this and I believe that Saskia has contributed to me looking to find my ‘sweet spot’ at work where my values and my skills can match up. I am not there yet but this has certainly been useful.

I would ask for Saskia’s help in future and I would certainly recommend friends.”

Ruth H.

After a year of studying I deciding to push myself and apply for a job I really wanted. I received the application form and role profile and felt quiet overwhelmed by the whole process and at a loss as to how to progress forward. I didn’t understand a lot of the jargon used in the role profile and couldn’t make sense of the questions I was being asked to evidence.

As soon as I started working with Saskia I felt a lot calmer. Saskia was able break down all the questions into manageable sections for me and explain the role profile in a way that I could understand. When I was feeling stressed she kept me focused on what I needed to do in a very positive way which resulted in a personal statement I was very happy with that covered all of the criteria.In the interview the first thing the panel said to me was that I had the best application out of all 6 candidates.

With the interview tips from Saskia I felt confident throughout the assessment  questions and was offered the job within a week. Working with Saskia has had a very positive impact on my life and enabled me to have a job that I love which is during term time and fits in perfectly with being a father.

I strongly recommend Saskia to anyone who is looking for their dream job as her knowledge, experience, patience and her commitment to helping me were the key factors that enabled me to succeed.

Michael Kevern

I have asked Saskia to help me with my academic  job applications and to prepare for interviews on several occasions. In all cases it had been a very positive experience. Not only has she improved my applications, but she has given me tools and ways to describe my skills and experience in the best ways. I have been invited for interviews each time she has looked over my application.

The mock interviews Saskia conducted were very professional and the questions she asked were asked in the real interview!

Saskia is a very positive person to work with. She will find your strong points and help you turn your weaker points to your advantage.

I wholeheartedly recommend working with her. She knows the job market, she knows how to tailor a CV to the job you apply for,  how to present you as a candidate in the best way and how to improve  your on-line visibility. She has an eye for detail works to deadlines very efficiently. I feel I can count on her always.

Yasmin Friedmann, PhD

“Having worked in the same profession for over 18 years I took an exceptional opportunity for a change in career. It had been a considerable length of time since I had written a CV or engaged in the job seeking process and needed someone to provide expert advice and guidance and to help me understand what I really wanted from this new chapter in my life. Saskia’s input, guidance and advice was invaluable. She enabled me to identify what was most important to me and coached me towards achieving this aim.

Her expert knowledge of CV writing, the job application and interview process provided me with a solid foundation to secure my dream job. Saskia instilled confidence in my own ability and she identified a wealth of existing transferable skills which were relevant to my chosen career path. Coaching me through this realisation she demonstrated how to promote myself successfully and with maximum impact.

Saskia’s input has enabled me to secure employment in my dream job and her coaching has enabled me to identify what I really wanted out of my professional and personal life. I would wholeheartedly recommend Saskia. In my experience she guided me through unfamiliar territory and has helped me on the road to success. Whether you are someone in the same position as me or someone who needs help with lateral development or career progression then I believe she can help you immensely.”

Ben Bond

While working with Saskia I was able to realise the potential I had and that the skills I possessed were extremely transferrable. She helped me become more open-minded with my job search and helped point me in the right direction. 

Saskia was always friendly and cheerful while remaining professional. It felt like she was an old friend I’d known for years! I would definitely recommend Saskia to anyone struggling with their career path.

Rachel Brown

“I met Saskia when I was newly arrived to the UK. At the time, I was profoundly unprepared for the British work place.  The cultural and linguistic barriers that impede me to present my skills to employers were unforeseen, and completing a simple job application was a real mystery to me.

Saskia has a very sharp understanding of the demands, idiosyncrasies and whereabouts of HR culture in Great Britain. During the meetings with her I learnt how to address my employers in a complete different manner. In conversation with Saskia I also had the opportunity to re -think my work- related choices focusing my attention on the avenues that really mattered to me.  As a result of this exploration I was able to make executive decisions which transformed the way I understood my practice.

Today I am a self- employed practitioner with a growing practice in Central London and Wales. I am very grateful for Saskia’s commitment to the work, I would highly recommend her expertise in this field.”




Saskia taught me cutting edge CV/interview techniques. I found it really helpful how knowledgeable Saskia was about all things job related but also how approachable she was on all subjects. I would definitely recommend anyone use her help and knowledge to give themselves the best chance possible of getting a job and create themselves a career.

Natasha Hurford-John