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“I had moments that panic set in, but Saskia kept my spirits high”-Karen

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Saskia focuses very well on issues or fears which you can have during a job interview. I enjoyed working with her, she is very professional. Now I know that people who interviewing are humans as well. I would recommend Saskia , you would learn what kind of mistakes you are making during a job interview.


“Before working with Saskia, I had lots of ideas, questions, half-made plans and also doubts regarding my future career path. What I really needed was to consult a wise, knowledgeable person who could act as a sounding board and also give me advice and insights. Talking with Saskia gave me much-needed clarity, helping me to see more clearly what my goals are and which steps would be the most useful for me to take in order to reach them. She’s a great listener and very perceptive, as well as offering lots of practical and usable tips. After the coaching session, I felt more enthused and energised about the changes I wanted to make. I would highly recommend Saskia to others. She will hold up a mirror to your hopes and wishes so that you can see what it is that you really want – and then she will encourage you to go out and make it happen.”