Saskia opened my eyes to the subtle differences between working in the UK and the Netherlands. After a couple of unsuccessful job interviews I started to get disappointed with myself.Saskia was a big help in improving my self-esteem and showing me different job opportunities. She helped me to improve my CV and we did mock interviews. She was both knowledgeable and positive. Shortly thereafter I got a job at a cosmetics company and I’ve been working there happily ever since. I am immensely grateful to Saskia for her help when I needed her and I would recommend her to anyone that is having difficulties during their job search.

Margriet Niezen-Van de Goor

When I found the dream job to apply for I knew that Saskia was just the right person to help me. Her incredible eye for detail spotted every possible error in my draft application. She also built my confidence up for the interview and when she helped me prepare for my job interview she came up with many questions which were later asked in the actual interview. Her HR experience really showed. I got the job and am so thankful to Saskia for her help. There is no way I would have landed this job without her help.

Sabrina Begum

I decided to go to Saskia after I heard good reviews of Saskia’s employment advice through my peers and work colleagues – this was one of the main reasons why I decided to go to her. I have never regretted making that decision!
I received excellent advice on my CV and the changes we made together through email correspondence got me a job interview and better employment responses quickly afterwards. As new graduate, this really boosted my confidence and understanding of the job market.
Saskia has helped me to understand how I can articulate my points better in a job interview. Especially the STAR answer method has helped me change the way I evidence my skills and experience in an interview. I was able to apply this later to my Masters study and also, how I write reports in my new job. Without Saskia’s insight, I would not be able to get better employment responses. I have worked for councils, government and private sectors with Saskia’s valuable advice and because of this, I would thoroughly recommend Saskia as a Job Coach to anyone.

F. Ali