“I met Saskia when I was newly arrived to the UK. At the time, I was profoundly unprepared for the British work place.  The cultural and linguistic barriers that impede me to present my skills to employers were unforeseen, and completing a simple job application was a real mystery to me.

Saskia has a very sharp understanding of the demands, idiosyncrasies and whereabouts of HR culture in Great Britain. During the meetings with her I learnt how to address my employers in a complete different manner. In conversation with Saskia I also had the opportunity to re -think my work- related choices focusing my attention on the avenues that really mattered to me.  As a result of this exploration I was able to make executive decisions which transformed the way I understood my practice.

Today I am a self- employed practitioner with a growing practice in Central London and Wales. I am very grateful for Saskia’s commitment to the work, I would highly recommend her expertise in this field.”