“Having worked in the same profession for over 18 years I took an exceptional opportunity for a change in career. It had been a considerable length of time since I had written a CV or engaged in the job seeking process and needed someone to provide expert advice and guidance and to help me understand what I really wanted from this new chapter in my life. Saskia’s input, guidance and advice was invaluable. She enabled me to identify what was most important to me and coached me towards achieving this aim.

Her expert knowledge of CV writing, the job application and interview process provided me with a solid foundation to secure my dream job. Saskia instilled confidence in my own ability and she identified a wealth of existing transferable skills which were relevant to my chosen career path. Coaching me through this realisation she demonstrated how to promote myself successfully and with maximum impact.

Saskia’s input has enabled me to secure employment in my dream job and her coaching has enabled me to identify what I really wanted out of my professional and personal life. I would wholeheartedly recommend Saskia. In my experience she guided me through unfamiliar territory and has helped me on the road to success. Whether you are someone in the same position as me or someone who needs help with lateral development or career progression then I believe she can help you immensely.”

Ben Bond